Drinks Reception

This would be a 4 piece including vocals, guitar, accordion, fiddle and dancer and a cajon. This would usually last approximately 1:30 or 2 hours.


Band Break

We offer something unique with having an outstanding Irish Dancer in our band as well as vocals, which is very rare. Couples are booking us for when the band take a 30-40mins break and we provide unique entertainment with a mixture of dancing, song and music including the favourite of the siege of Ennis, getting the audience up to do a brush dance with our dancer and set dances. This is also a 4 piece with the same instruments or at you're request we can replace the cajon with drums.


Full Wedding

This would be a 4 or 5 piece consisting of 2 vocals, guitar, accordion, fiddle, dancer and drummer. This includes meeting up beforehand to go through first dance songs and you're favourite songs so we know exactly what you want played. 


We also offer a package of drinks reception music, main band and DJ afterwards.

All Venues

Pubs, clubs, parties, corporate functions, socials... Big or small... Outdoors or indoors... You name it we can cater to any event in all types of venues.


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